Test Stick, Test Balls Test Stick, Test Balls Test Stick, Test Balls Test Stick, Test Balls
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Welcome to Testick.co.uk.

We are the sole manufacturer for Test sticks, Test Cards, Test Balls, Flexable test sticks. Machine guards, and custom plastic fabrications. Testick utilise all the latest CNC routers, CNC engravers, CNC milling, turning and folding machines. If you have an idea Testick can make it in plastic for you.

All our "Testick" products have embedded ferrous, and non ferrous test balls of varying size are used to verify the operation of the metal detectors. Test sticks are placed on the conveyor belt and run through the metal detector. If the metal detector recognizes the ball, the metal detector is considered operational.

All our Test sticks are normally instock for next day delivery, We can custom build test sticks to customers requirements, We can supply 1 to 100,000 units

  • Flexi-Test Stick
  • Testicks
  • Testick Card Chrome
  • Butter Test Sticks
  • Test Ball
  • Butter Test Sticks
  • Test Cards
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We supply all test piece types including test sticks, test balls, test rods, test wands, flexible test wands, test cards, test balls, test discs, test plugs , test tablets and test pucks. We stock around 1500 standard test sticks for immediate dispatch. Alternatively we can custom manufacture to your specification for special applications e.g. stone, bone, glass, wire contaminant samples.

Our test pieces are colour coded to easily identify ferrous, non ferrous and stainless steel and each piece has an engraved certificate number for tractability.

test ball, test stick, test cards Calibrated & Certificated bearings to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and UKAS Calibration.    Test Stick, test card, test ball, test piece, metal detection Colour coding system for simple visual verificationof your test piece.
test stick, test ball, test cards Certification No. engraved on every test stick.   test stick, test card, test ball Test Piece's in stock for Immediate dispatch.
test stick, test card, test ball Quality controlled ball bearings to ensure consistency.   test stick, test ball, test cards Tamper proof test samples for the
verification of your detection system.
Test Card, test stick, test ball, test peice, metal detection Metal detection & x-ray inspection types available.   test ball, test stick, test cards CUSTOM made test pieces can be made according to customer specifications.


Testick Shop

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